At Helios Search, we offer an innovative approach to recruitment, giving our candidates the possibility to identify their ideal jobs that match their personality. The same way we help our clients identify the right skills and personality traits they want in an ideal candidate. In collaboration with University College London (UCL), we offer a set of psychometric tools, which have been designed and validated by internationally, renowned academic psychologists. It will help your business identify, understand and retain talented individuals with the ability to drive business innovation. Our psychometric tools have been scientifically researched and tested to help our clients predict performance and potential at workplace.

Our tools will help you to identify the ideal candidate profiles by:

  • Understanding the psychology of your employees, teams, leaders or departments.
  • Recruiting and selecting people with the potential to generate, execute and lead business innovation.
  • Looking at bright and dark personality traits, motivations and factors that contribute to performance, engagement, satisfaction and potential.

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